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The certification

The route to obtain D-4001:2008 certification is very similar to other recognized standards. In particular the Audit Team is composed of motor-disabled Auditors.
The certification procedures include:
This is an optional preliminary audit with the purpose of outlining the preparation level of the organisation and the site conformity with regard to standard requirements and run through those conditions that may compromise the good outcome of the certification Audit.
Initial Audit
It has the purpose of verifying the site and organisation conformity to standard requirements. The initial audit consists of two different stages, referable to Stage 1 and 2 Audits. The first refers to documentation and Organizational aspects whereas the second is merely an on site audit.
If the Initial Audit brings is positive result, the organisation will be put forward to certification, thus shall be granted only after amendment of contingent non-conformities.
Release and maintenance of the certification
The certification is granted on receipt of Dasa-Rägister's Deliberation Committee favourable notice, the organizational site data is recorded in this website ("certified sites").
The certificate has no expiry date but after release, in order to ascertain the continual respect of what prescribed by the standard, a yearly surveillance-audit is performed as per Stage 2 Audit procedures.

Certificazione Spazio reale D-4001