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The Story

"Certify the accessibility of a site and the absolute viability of the service offered to motor-disabled people": this is the challenge that the Lombardy Paraplegic Association has issued to Dasa-Rägister S.p.A. and that the latter has accepted.
A certification not merely for itself, but a condition to build reliable information and traceable source. All motor-disabled people must make sure that the site and the organisation are able to satisfy their needs before they are able to do anything considered "normal"; for example going to the bank, post office, restaurant, supermarket, booking a room in a hotel, going to the theatre, or simply arranging a holiday. Major considerations need to be taken into account so that they face no problems. The wheelchair symbol does not necessarily represent that the service is really accessible in all its facets: it is often a hurried and superficial result. A new communication tool is necessary through which a specific highly professional protocol guarantees true and reliable information. It is a hard challenge that will bring a cultural change from which motor-disabled people will benefit (disabled, old people, etc.) and tradespeople to whom new market perspectives will open.

The Standard

The D-4001:2008 Standard is borne by a Working Group, coordinated by Dasa-Rägister S.p.A, to which motor-disabled people have taken part. The purpose was to define a certifiable protocol in order to regulate minimum requirements that a site should have in order to guarantee a reliable access and viability of the service that the organisation offers. A strong point of the procedure and a source of guarantee is the presence of motor-disabled people in the Audit team who will have the duty to carry out all necessary assessments. The adoption of the D-4001:2008 standard is voluntary and the certification is granted subject to full correspondence of requirements as provided in the standard as for company policy and logistics The certified sites are added in this website database in order to be clearly identified and consulted by all users.

Certificazione Spazio reale D-4001